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Garcinia-Cambogia reviews pictureThere are so many garcinia cambogia reviews everywhere on the internet, but how many of these reviews paint the true picture of garcinia cambogia. I read a publication few months ago that claimed garcinia cambogia extract does not work to aid weight loss. Though every publications and studies is entitled to it claims, however, I will try my possible best to tell you the truth about garcinia cambogia in this review page.

Why Should You Believe What I Say?

My name is Mary Smith. I’m a nutritionist by profession from a reputable university. I write reviews because people ask for it. This is not my first time of writing reviews and definitely will not be the last. I only do this to help people make informed and quality decision so that they will not be cheated by scammers parading themselves as real people on the internet

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit locally found in India and places like Southeast Asia. It can also be found in Australia and some central and western part of Africa. Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin shaped fruit which is usually green to pale yellow in color and perform best mostly in moist forest.

Garcinia cambogia fruit contains a compound called Hydroxyticitric Acid (HCA). This compound is what is generally believed to the ”holy grail of weight loss” i.e. some people have the belief that it can help aid weight loss effectively without doing the regular exercise or changing of diet. Is this the truth?

Dr Oz Reviews Garcinia Cambogiaoriginal garcinia cambogia dr oz

Garcinia cambogia extract became extremely popular all over the world most especially in the United States after Dr Oz talked about it in one of his shows. He said it is a breakthrough and also called garcinia cambogia ”weight holy grail”. Notwithstanding, can those statement be trusted blindly?

I went and did my own research because of his claims and later found out that all what Dr Oz said was actually correct. Though a few clinical studies in some quarters negates this fact, but I can tell you on authority that garcinia cambogia extract supplement is effective in helping people lose extra weight if they want to. Wild testimonies pump up daily all over the internet. Watch Dr Oz on garcinia cambogia

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garcinia cambogia reviews clinical studiesGarcinia Cambogia Reviews – A Look at Few Clinical Studies

A few clinical studies on garcinia cambogia were conducted at one time or the other in the past and here were the conclusions:

A detailed study from food and chemical toxicology in the year 2005 determined that garcinia cambogia fought the buildup of body fat in rat. A similar study in 2008 from bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry concluded that garcinia cambogia extract helped reduce the formation of visceral fat in mice. Note that visceral fat is located in the abdominal cavity. If you do not know, excess of visceral fat may lead to heart disease and diabetes.


Kim KY, Lee HN, Kim YJ, Park T. “Garcinia cambogia extract ameliorates visceral adiposity in C57BL/6J mice fed on a high-fat diet.” Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2008 Jul;72 (7):1772-80.

Saito M, Ueno M, Ogino S, Kubo K, Nagata J, Takeuchi M. “High dose of Garcinia cambogia is effective in suppressing fat accumulation in developing male Zucker obese rats, but highly toxic to the testis.” Food Chem Toxicol. 2005 Mar;43 (3):411-9.

Several studies besides the one stated above have shown that garcinia cambogia extract is effective as claimed. One randomized placebo-controlled study followed 60 obese persons for 8 weeks. With a calorie-restricted diet (1200 kcal/day) and a Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) dose of 1320 mg/day, the experimental group lost an average of 14 pounds (compared to 6.1 pounds in the placebo group)

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

original garcinia cambogia I will give you a few benefits in this garcinia cambogia review page. They are stated below:

garcinia cambogia reviews yes checkIt helps you when it comes to burning of fat in your body. It can burn fat in your butt, thighs and waist. Yes, this is very much possible with the help of original-garcinia cambogia

Yes_checkBlock the formation of fat. It inhibits enzyme that transform carbohydrates into fat. It does not stop there; it also burns the remaining unwanted fat in your body turning them to energy in the process

garcinia cambogia reviews yes check

It makes you to control the level of calorie consumption by suppressing your appetite. Some people find it difficult to control their appetite. But with garcinia cambogia, it will be a thing of the past

Yes_checkIt boosts the level of your serotonin which is responsible for controlling your mood. Serotonin is a hormone that gives you good feelings. Studies have linked over eating with bad mood.

garcinia cambogia reviews yes checkReduces the level of cholesterol and enhance your body metabolism

My garcinia cambogia review page will give you further health benefits of garcinia cambogia. Regular taking of garcinia cambogia may help fight against diabetes, ulcers, heart disease, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorder and diarrhea

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Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe?

Yes it is, because is natural and pure. Indians do use garcinia cambogia in preparing food for years and it has not acted otherwise in their body system. However, you may not take garcinia cambogia extract if you are:

On diabetic medications or pregnant. Also do not take garcinia cambogia supplement during breastfeeding periods. You should also consult your doctor and ask for medical advice

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Any Side Effects?

This garcinia cambogia review page will not end without saying something about the supplements’ side effects. There will be no side effects if you take the supplement as prescribed. Taking it without following the prescription may lead to mild headache and stomach upset. Ensure you take plenty of water with it

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – How Should I Then Take It

Do not rush it in a bit lose weight quickly. Always take between 500-1000mg 30 minutes before each major meal. Furthermore, take no more than 3000mg in total per day. You should be fine with this.

Where Can You Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

Garcinia cambogia can be bought either online or in stores. The best way to go is to buy it online for privacy reason and so on. Beware of fake garcinia cambogia extract; buy only the ones that contain at least 50% HCA. It must have no fillers, chemical additives nor artificial ingredients. It must be pure and natural for it to be effective. Also ensure that the garcinia cambogia supplement has potassium.

I know where original garcinia cambogia extract is sold. Click here now if you want to buy it. Stop contemplating on whether to buy garcinia cambogia or not. The truth is: garcinia cambogia extract works and a lot of people have testified to that effect. If you are interested in losing some extra weight, then I highly recommend garcinia cambogia extract, Period.

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Thanks for reading my garcinia cambogia review page and I hope you have been informed about garcinia cambogia? If yes, then please share it with your friends. Be the first to do that. I love you.

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